Moisture Meter

GMU - ASONIK Made Tea Moisture Meter

GMU - ASONIK Green Leaf Moisture Meter

GMU Micro Chip Micro Controller Temparature Meter

GMU the Latest State of the Art Technology Digital Temperature Indicator / Scanner manufactured on Microchip, Micro-Controller based and is fully computerized.
The unit facilitated to connect with Temperature Data Logging (APU) cum Printer Interfacing Unit (If required).
GMU Digital Temperature Indicator / Scanner manufactured in Single Channel,
2Channel & 4Channel
i.e. suitable for RTD PT 100 Thermocouples. GMU Instruments also can be manufactured in Single Channel, 2 Channel & 4 Channel
i.e. suitable for B / E / J / K / R / S & T Type Thermocouples.
GMU Digital Temperature Indicator / Scanner have 3 Digit Bright Red LED 0.56” Individual Display and Common Toggle Switch to select Temperature between °F °C.

GMU Inlet & Outlet Temparature Thermometer

GMU Inlet & Outlet / Exhaust Temparature Thermometer

GMU round dial weather & dust proof stainless steel case, dual display °C & °F Mercury – in- steel, imported mercury filled. Inlet & Outlet/Exhaust temperature Thermometer, Non Corrosive Stainless Steel movement, fitted with Stainless Steel Vertical Immersion Stem / Sensor and Stainless Steel Process Connection BSP(M) 1/2“ cum ¾ “ Stainless steel Armoured Flexible Capillary tube will be fitted with vertical immersion Stem/Sensor for Inlet Temperature Meter.